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3 Replies to “About”

  1. Stacy, I just had to google you and found this webpage!

    In CCS64 (Commodore 64 emulator software), I have been using a small Compute’s Gazette program you wrote from the February 1990 edition simply called “Disk Editor” to edit “.d64” files from disks I used when I was a kid. Thanks to your software, I’ve converted some old schoolwork sequential files and other misc “.prg” files from floppies that I’m amazed still function and work!

    Thanks again – many years later of course – for writing such a wonderful tool to use. It has made salvaging my old C64 disks possible.

    Side Note: I had started with an editor from the February 1986 Compute’s Gazette but ran into issues when trying to modify the last byte of certain sectors – the program would lock up, even running on my real C64 computer.

    Your program has no such issues – it’s performed flawlessly.

    Thanks again for the excellent program. It’s still used and appreciated many years later.


  2. That’s pretty amazing! I actually wrote the first version of that because I accidentally deleted a school paper I was writing. I used the first version to recover it. Glad it was of use to someone else, and thanks for the note. Made my day.

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