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Adding Math

You can add mathematics to these pages using LaTeX. You can write the usual inline equations with $..$ delimiters, and display equations with \[..\]. This is all done via MathJax. Follow that link for more information.

If you see something on a page, look at the page source to see how it was done. (That's part of the beauty of wikis.) It really isn't hard.

\[\begin{eqnarray} \int_0^\infty {1 \over x} \;dx & = & \lim_{y\to \infty} \lim_{z\to 0^+} \int_z^y {1 \over x} \;dx \\& = & \lim_{y\to \infty} \lim_{z\to 0^+} \left. \ln |x| \right]_z^y \\& = & \lim_{y\to \infty} \lim_{z\to 0^+} (\ln y - \ln z) \\& = & \lim_{y\to \infty} \ln y - \lim_{z\to 0^+} \ln z \\& = & \infty - 0 \\& = & \infty \end{eqnarray}\]

\int_0^\infty {1 \over x} \;dx & = & \lim_{y\to \infty} \lim_{z\to 0^+} \int_z^y {1 \over x} \;dx
\\& = & \lim_{y\to \infty} \lim_{z\to 0^+} \left. \ln |x| \right]_z^y
\\& = & \lim_{y\to \infty} \lim_{z\to 0^+} (\ln y - \ln z)
\\& = & \lim_{y\to \infty} \ln y - \lim_{z\to 0^+} \ln z
\\& = & \infty - 0
\\& = & \infty

The reader should verify the above.