Skeptical cat is fraught with skepticism.

So far I’ve managed to strongly disagree with folks on the following topics.

  • Obama was born in Kenya.
  • The 9/11 disaster was staged by the United States government.
  • Cell phones cause cancer.

I assert that we do not have enough evidence to accept any of the above statements.  I don’t claim they are false, just that there is not sufficient evidence to conclude that they are true… or even likely. Continue reading “Evidence”

Obama May Speak To Your Children

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama

Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer says Obama’s school speech uses taxpayer dollars (i.e., your dollars) to indoctrinate your children.

As the father of four children, I am absolutely appalled that taxpayer dollars are being used to spread President Obama’s socialist ideology.

Source: CNN

Really. Do you support compulsory government-funded education? Okay, there’s no point in asking that. Continue reading “Obama May Speak To Your Children”

Exit Van Jones

Van Jones
Van Jones

Gone. Unsurprising, really. Was Van Jones a truther? Well, he signed the petition, and I don’t think he can point to any public statement where he repudiated the truthers until recently… and then very weakly. He says he was the victim of a “vicious smear campaign.” Sure, I’ll grant that. So? He’s a politician and a lawyer, after all. Continue reading “Exit Van Jones”

Stacy’s Dumb Idea of the Day: Baby Steps

Health Care
Health Care

How about passing simple legislation that is straightforward? We could do each of these – but not in one bill!

  1. Allow purchasing health insurance from out-of-state vendors. That is, “crossing state lines” to buy insurance. This is currently illegal.
  2. Allow and encourage the formation of health insurance alliances that pool many small businesses or even individuals.
  3. Require insurers to offer a basic “minimum coverage” policy. We could require everyone to purchase it… and make it (a) tax exempt or (b) refundable. We could even do a “prebate” as with the Fair Tax. Continue reading “Stacy’s Dumb Idea of the Day: Baby Steps”