Point of Reference

Here’s a point of reference for you. When my father was born, the country of Greece was still using the Julian calendar, the President took office on March 4th, and the manufacture and sale of alcohol in the United States was (mostly) illegal. The British empire was at its largest, and one in every four people on earth were its subjects. The League of Nations was going strong and the Russians were fighting a civil war. When my father was born the Ottoman Empire still existed, though it was being dissolved as a result of WW1, and King Tutankhamun was resting quietly at an undiscovered location in Egypt. Stan Lee had not been born, and Time Magazine, Warner Brothers Studios, and the Hollywood sign did not exist. Luke Parsons, an abolitionist who fought with John Brown in the Kansas Border War (“Bleeding Kansas”) was still alive. The chocolate chip cookie would not be invented for over a decade.

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