Damn You, XKCD!

In the first installment of what promises to be an ongoing series, I report on how the evil “Randall” of XKCD has forced me to waste my valuable time on this Earth.

Today’s comic, “Time-Tracking Software”, features a mention of two lists.

Could these be real things? Yes, they can. In fact, they are, and the above links lead to the Wikipedia (They Determine Our Reality) page for each. It’s a pure time sink for the original writers, the editors, and unfortunately, for me. Do not click.

(One of these pages cites Donald Knuth. I’ll let you figure out which one.)

These rival, but do not replace, my favorite Wikipedia (TDOR) page: Toilet Paper Orientation. It’s long, features references to academic work, and even an equation. Can you ever truly know too much? Yes, you can.

So, in summary, damn you XKCD!!! (Yes, I know the definition of “irony.” Why do you ask?)

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