iTunes Duplicates

Gaa!  I have duplicates in my iTunes, wasting space and filling up my backup.  Boo!  Must fix them.

There is a Find Duplicates (and with the option key, a Find Exact Duplicates) on the View menu in iTunes, but it just finds them.  I want them gone!  I don’t want to click every other file and then say delete, I want the ones that are clearly duplicates gone, gone, gone.

To that end I wrote the following tiny bash script (OS X) to clean up my iTunes folder.  If you want, you can grab it and use it – just don’t blame me if it deletes anything you care deeply about.  I have backups.  You should to.  Do not run without a backup.

Otherwise, enjoy!

## Clean up the iTunes folder by looking for exact duplicates and removing them.
## Yes, there is functionality in iTunes to do this, but it leaves it to you to
## actually remove the files.
## Disclaimer: This is free software.  Use it at your own risk.
# Globstar!  Not on OS X, I'm afraid.
pushd ${HOME}/Music/iTunes >/dev/null
unset a i
while IFS= read -r -d $'\0' filename ; do
	# We might be deleting files, so make sure the one we are looking
	# at right now does, in fact, exist.
	if [ ! -e "$filename" ] ; then
	# Now we have a file.  Grab its MD5.
	md5_orig=$(md5 -q "$filename")
	#echo "$md5_orig  $filename"
	# Remove the extension.  Because.
	bn=$(basename "$filename" ".mp3")
	dn=$(dirname "$filename")
	# Now look for extensions of that filename with a single digit.
	for extension in 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ; do
		# If that extension is found, compute its MD5.  If they match,
		# the DELETE the duplicate.
		newname="$dn/$bn $extension.mp3"
		if [ -e "$newname" ] ; then
			# Found a possible duplicate.  Compute its MD5.
			md5_dup=$(md5 -q "$newname")
			#echo "   ++ $md5_dup  $newname"
			# If the hashes match, delete the duplicate.
			if [ $md5_dup == $md5_orig ] ; then
				/bin/rm -f $newname
				echo "Deleted $newname."
done < <(find . -type f -name '*.mp3' -print0)
popd >/dev/null
exit 0

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