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This is a DokuWiki installation. At the top of every edit page is a link to two important pages: the syntax page that describes the wiki syntax, and the playground page, which is a scratch page for playing around and experimenting.

First Person

Please feel free to write in the first person in discussions. You may also do so in the body of the page, provided you use > marks to identify your comments and then sign your comments. Use more > marks to reply to comments of others.

To sign your comment, either click the signature button (it looks like a pencil writing a signature at the end of a document) or add --- // followed by a either a link to your page or your email address, and closed by //. Stacy's signature might be: --- //[[users:sprowell]]//, or you could add more information, such as the date and time. The signature button does all this automatically, so please use it.

I'm not sure about this policy. — Stacy Prowell 2009/04/15 07:15
Yeah, it might be a bad idea. — Stacy Prowell 2009/04/15 07:31
> I'm not sure about this policy. --- //[[users:sprowell|Stacy Prowell]] 2009/04/14 07:15//
>> Yeah, it might be a bad idea. --- //[[users:sprowell|Stacy Prowell]] 2009/04/15 07:31//

Use the Correct Namespaces

Please use namespaces for certain items. Place sequence-based specification pages in the sbs namespace. Place Markov chain usage model pages in the mcum namespace. If you create other namespaces, list them here. To put a page in a namespace, add the namespace and a colon to the start of the page name, as sbs:refinement.

Namespace Use
sbs Sequence-Based Specification
mcum Markov Chain Usage Models
users User Pages

There are other namespaces. Check the name of the page you are editing (at the top of the page) to see what namespace you are in. Also, if you don't specify a namespace then links are resolved relative to the current namespace.

Create a Page for Yourself

Please create a page for yourself in the users namespace. The maintainer's page is:



This wiki supports EBNF “railroad” diagrams thanks to the EBNF plugin.


<ebnf> "EBNF defined in itself" {
  syntax     = { production } . 
  production = identifier "=" expression "." .
  expression = term { "|" term } .
  term       = factor { factor } .
  factor     = identifier
             | literal
             | "[" expression "]"
             | "(" expression ")"
             | "{" expression "}" .
  identifier = character { character } .
  literal    = "'" character { character } "'"
             | '"' character { character } '"' .
} </ebnf>

Adding Math

You can add mathematics to these pages using LaTeX. You can write the usual inline equations with $..$ delimiters, and display equations with \[..\]. This is all done via MathJax. Follow that link for more information.

If you see something on a page, look at the page source to see how it was done. (That's part of the beauty of wikis.) It really isn't hard.

$\text{BB}:S^*\to R$
$\text{BB}:S^*\to R$
Def Let $\mathcal{E}$ be an enumeration and $u\in X^*$ a sequence. Then the left operator $\text{L}^u$ is defined as follows.\[\forall w\in X^*,\;\text{L}^u(w)=\overset{*}\triangleright(wu)\]
**Def** Let $\mathcal{E}$ be an enumeration and $u\in X^*$ a sequence. Then the //left operator// $\text{L}^u$ is defined as follows.\[\forall w\in X^*,\;\text{L}^u(w)=\overset{*}\triangleright(uw)\]

\[\begin{eqnarray} \int_0^\infty {1 \over x} \;dx & = & \lim_{y\to \infty} \lim_{z\to 0^+} \int_z^y {1 \over x} \;dx \\& = & \lim_{y\to \infty} \lim_{z\to 0^+} \left. \ln |x| \right]_z^y \\& = & \lim_{y\to \infty} \lim_{z\to 0^+} (\ln y - \ln z) \\& = & \lim_{y\to \infty} \ln y - \lim_{z\to 0^+} \ln z \\& = & \infty - 0 \\& = & \infty \end{eqnarray}\]

\int_0^\infty {1 \over x} \;dx & = & \lim_{y\to \infty} \lim_{z\to 0^+} \int_z^y {1 \over x} \;dx
\\& = & \lim_{y\to \infty} \lim_{z\to 0^+} \left. \ln |x| \right]_z^y
\\& = & \lim_{y\to \infty} \lim_{z\to 0^+} (\ln y - \ln z)
\\& = & \lim_{y\to \infty} \ln y - \lim_{z\to 0^+} \ln z
\\& = & \infty - 0
\\& = & \infty

The reader should verify the above.