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Damn You, XKCD!

In the first installment of what promises to be an ongoing series, I report on how the evil “Randall” of XKCD has forced me to waste my valuable time on this Earth.

iTunes Duplicates

Gaa!  I have duplicates in my iTunes, wasting space and filling up my backup.  Boo!  Must fix them.

My Ubuntu 11.10 Desktop

At the risk of drawing universal hatred, Unity isn’t so bad once you set the icon bar to autohide. Very uncluttered, quite stable, and even with no hardware acceleration it has good performance. That said… I don’t like it. So what to do? Everyone has been fleeing to Mint, but I’ve had stability problems, which


Deriving its name from the Korean term for a “highly skilled person,” Gosu is a computer language targeting the Java Virtual Machine.  It tries to be more expressive than Java (which isn’t really all that hard) while being conceptually simpler than Scala. 

Grammar Rant of the Day

And now for something completely different. Here are the so-called grammar rules I personally encourage everyone, everywhere to ignore and break. Do it today. I said do it! (1) Use the singular they. Shakespeare did. It is far superior to the alternatives. Why should every unknown person be a he or a him? “If a

And Another Thing That Bugs Me About Java…

Just a short note on an item that bugs me about Java.  In C++, I tend to use exactly three kinds of method parameters. A const reference.  I don’t want to copy it, but I promise not to modify it, either. A reference.  I might modify it. A copy.  I might modify my local copy,

Good Idea / Bad Idea

I spend my time (recently) writing a mishmash of Python, C++, and Java. It’s interesting to switch back and forth. What’s a good idea and what’s a bad (or dangerous) idea in computer language design? We’ve got a lot of candidates, and a lot of opinions. I’ll list a few here, along with a few

Many Tiny Screws

The hard drive in my Mac has failed.  Again.  For those of you keeping track, this is the third time. It’s a hassle, but it is usually okay, since: TimeMachine is always there, making backups and keeping them up to date. Apple support is wonderful.  We can’t send back the hard drive, but they let

Java Generics…

Grrr.  I really wish Java had either: Reified generics or Closures In the interim, I offer the following Java code to the world.  Does it help?  Use at your own risk.


The field of computer science is probably the area of knowledge that is closest to pure gibberish.