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On Cryptography and Privacy

I posted this elsewhere back in February 2016, when the FBI was attempting to force Apple to develop software to break the security of the iPhone.


The scope and lack of fundamental oversight of the NSA data collection program is poison to representative democracy. The statement “if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear” is the argument of the oppressor and tyrant, and apparently I need to explain why this is so.

A Little Book

Our new book, Seven Deadliest Network Attacks, is finally out, and I have my copy.  It is thin, but chock full of network attack goodness (I hope).  Run out and get a copy and tell me what you think!  The process of creating this book was quite painful, since it coincided with my changing jobs and relocating

Eight Character Passwords

How long are your passwords?  Let’s say eight characters is the length.  How many possibilities are there?  Well, you can use any single-byte printable character (though I once used an escape key in an RS/6000 password; it worked, but isn’t a good idea everywhere), and any length from one to eight.